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PERFORMANCE / Product production business

Fragrance shower leads to a healthy brain Natural fragrance, kind to the brain Lemongrass New type of indoor air freshener produced after years of research into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Original aroma extract developed based on the latest life science.

  • Uses organic lemongrass herb grown in Japan This product is made using only organic lemongrass grown on our affiliated organic farm. It is extracted from the lemongrass in a nearly natural state without damaging its heat-sensitive essential oil component by using a low-temperature vacuum extraction method. Of course it contains absolutely no synthesized fragrances or other components and so is safe to use every day.
  • Backed up by the latest life science Developed based on the data and knowhow of Dr. Shioda’s laboratory at Showa University School of Medicine, which has numerous achievements in brain function related research into illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In research done in the same laboratory into various essential oils and brain revitalization, we have confirmed that lemongrass in particular rejuvenates the frontal lobe.

Sold by: Yoshimi Medical Farm Co., Ltd. (agricultural production corporation) TEL: +81-493-81-5436


  • Product production business Functional aromatics, functional cosmetic and food materials

We are developing aroma products utilizing the data and knowhow of Dr. Shioda’s laboratory at Showa University School of Medicine that has a long list of achievements in brain function research using nerve regenerating aromatic substances. We are conducting product development for the prevention and remedy of many illnesses, including the prevention and remedy of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, relief from insomnia and stress, suppression of appetite, relief from depression, treatment of menopause, and others.

  • Drug development and production business Development of organ regenerative medicines

We also focus on research and development in the field of nerve regeneration with antioxidants. We are currently engaged in development for upgrading our ophthalmic agent containing PACAP peptide*, an eye-drop product for dry eyes. *Patent 2009-269818 (P2009-269818A), joint patent application by Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Showa University

  • Regenerative medicine promotion business Consultation for medical companies, cell banks

We provide various kinds of support based on the results of our research on nerve regenerating aromatic substances, antioxidants, etc. as well as our long experience and the latest information from academic meetings and medical practice. We are particularly active in promoting the establishment of cell banks of human mesenchymal stem cells, which are expected to be applied in regenerative medicine including rebuilding bones, blood vessels, heart muscle, and so on.

  • Agricultural industry integration support
  1. Example in Misato Town, Akita Prefecture High-grade fragrance lavender oil extract is taken from lavender flowers grown in the region as soon as they bloom, using low-temperature vacuum extraction technology. We take part in a town’s project for regional revitalization utilizing the product.
  2. Example in Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture Cherry blossoms, tulips and peonies are a tourism resource in the city of Gosen. The high-grade fragrance extract is removed from these flowers using our company’s low-temperature vacuum extraction technology. We conduct a functional assessment of this and offer advice on the production of various products.
  3. Example in Yoshimi Town, Saitama Prefecture We have formed a business partnership with Yoshimi Medical Farm Co., Ltd., an agricultural production corporation, based on the cooperation of Yoshimi Town, Saitama Prefecture, with the aim of growing high quality medical-grade aromatherapy raw materials and removing their cell extracts very accurately.
  4. Example in Okinawa Prefecture In developing high quality aroma oils for the prevention and remedy of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, we use lemongrass herb grown in Okinawa. The farm conducts mass production by organic methods, in accordance with our company’s quality control, to maintain a steady supply.
  5. Example in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture Extract and powder are removed from the skins of onions grown by Pasona Nouentai Co., Ltd., a farm operator on Awaji Island, using a low-temperature vacuum extraction method. We conduct functional assessments of this as well as research into the utilization of onionskins, which have until now just been thrown away.


HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS: 6-15-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CORRESPONDENT BANK: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Roppongi Branch


President and Representative Director Seiji Shioda Showa University, School of Medicine Professor/M.D., Ph.D. Executive Vice President Yukari Kawahito Showa University, School of Medicine Part-time Instructor/Ph.D. Director Yasufumi Fukumoto F・E・C Ltd. Representative Director Auditor Kazue Sato Showa University, School of Medicine Visiting Professor/ Phar.D. Special Adviser Norichika Iimori Musician/Conductor


SHIODAライフサイエンス株式会社 東京都港区六本木6丁目15番21号 ハークス六本木ビル TEL:03-6804-5371 FAX:03-6804-5372