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As a company that aims to help people live with a sound mind and body,we connect a life-nurturing creature comfort environment to health and medical science to produce more hands-on and practical comprehensive medical treatments.

ACTIVITIES of Shioda Life Science Inc.

Life science research based on the latest medical science

  • Basic and clinical research into nerve regenerating aromatic substances, antioxidants, etc.
  • New technological development and information dissemination for the prevention or remedy of aging related illnesses and mind and body disorders

Product production business

Functional aromatics, functional cosmetic materials, functional food materials

  • Dementia remedy
  • Appetite control
  • Depression relief
  • Menopause treatment

Drug development and production business

Development of organ regeneration drugs

  • Ophthalmic drops for dry eyes (patent pending)
  • Ophthalmic agent containing PACAP peptide

Regenerative medicine promotion business

  • Medical business consultation (nerve regeneration treatment, etc.)
  • Establishment of cell banks (human mesenchymal stem cells, etc.)

 Agricultural industry integration business

  • Providing beauty and health related programs using regional resources
  • Revitalizing local economy and preventing disease in local residents via comprehensive medical treatment

What is agricultural industry integration as the sixth industry? This is a proactive and comprehensive form of industry in which agricultural workers engage in not only agricultural production (primary industry) but also food processing (secondary industry) and retail (tertiary industry).

R&D activities of Shioda Life Science Inc.

Our company is developing various health products and medical drugs based on the very latest knowhow and skills in medical research. In partnerships with the Shioda Laboratory at Showa University School of Medicine, where our president Seiji Shioda himself is the head professor, as well as numerous research and medical institutions, we are always conducting leading-edge research based on abundant and accurate test and clinical data, the results of which are reflected in our product development and drug development. Our field of activities is not limited to the laboratory. We also form direct partnerships with regional producers of raw materials for our product development and drug development, achieving high quality and highly reliable material production while also actively setting up local economy revitalization programs, providing advice on regional health services, and so on.  Another of the main pillars of our business is the consultation service we provide to medical companies to promote regenerative medicine including the establishment of cell banks.

PROFILE of Seiji Shioda, President

Seiji ShiodaHead professor of anatomy at Showa University School of Medicine. After graduating in 1974 from Wasada University’s School of Education, Biology Major, he gained a Master of Science degree from Niigata University Graduate School of Science followed by a Doctor of Medicine degree from Department of Anatomy, Showa University School of Medicine. He went on to hold positions such as visiting professor at Tulane University in the US before taking up his current post. He is also Chairperson of the Japanese Society of Aromatherapy (JSA), Vice President of the Society for Integrative Medicine Japan, and Director of the Japan Society of Experimental Diabetes and Obesity. He specializes in neuroscience with a focus on neuropeptides.


SHIODAライフサイエンス株式会社 東京都港区六本木6丁目15番21号 ハークス六本木ビル TEL:03-6804-5371 FAX:03-6804-5372